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Profile and selection of young artists
Every season, from September to June, happynest will support 3 artistic projects initiated in the region of Hauts-de-France. Each project can be carried out by one or more young/emerging artists. happynest is not aimed however at students or artists in the phase of initial training.

The selection of artists will be based on an Open call for projects launched at the beginning of each year. The selection criteria will comprise the quality of the project and the specific support necessities it requires. Whatever the fundamental training of the applicant(s) (theatre, dance, circus, visuals arts, cinema, etc.), the project must be part of the field of the live arts: performance project, performative intervention, choreographic piece etc.
At the end of the process, each selected project will receive a tailored support program. It may cover all or some of the following points and will be provided by the members of the Superamas collective and its privileged collaborators : Teresa Acevedo (production, diffusion), Henri-Emmanuel Doublier (light designer), Tiffany Mouquet (administration), Valerie Oberleithner (choreographer) = happynest team:

  • Definition of artistic concepts and issues

  • Dramaturgical advice

  • Advice on the physical performance

  • Research of materials and sharing of practices

  • Tests, external expertise and feedback on the ongoing project

  • Technical and creative advice and support (sound, lighting, scenography, new technologies)

  • Administrative advice (preparation of grant applications, budgeting)

The support program will be based on work residency periods (research, writing, creation) that the artists will conduct in order to carry out their project.
In parallel with this "tailor-made support" specific to each of the projects, the program will include meetings bringing together all the selected artists with the happynest team and some guests. Through the sharing of experiences and practices, these capsules will bring artists together around issues that are common to all, despite the diversity of their disciplines (administration/production toolbox, dramaturgy, re-appropriation of practices, sharing of creative tools, etc.). These meetings will also provide an opportunity for happynest participants and other young European artists to get to know each other better, thus reinforcing the overall cohesion of the program.

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