Two calls for applications in 2021

happynest #5   |   happyLab21

The calls are closed, please do not send us your application.

happynest #5 2021-2022

happynest is a professionalizing platform which supports the emerging artists in the Hauts-de-France region. It is an initiative of the SUPERAMAS collective. Each season, SUPERAMAS will offer artistic, administrative, technical and production support to selected projects originated by young artists.

SUPERAMAS supports emerging artists active in the field of performing arts, through a programme based on advices and mentoring in:

  • artistic practices: concept, dramaturgy, physical performance, research, etc.

  • administration: budget and/or grant application preparation, etc.

  • production: places of rehearsals, showings, technical advices, etc.

SUPERAMAS will propose, in cooperation with the selected artists, a "tailor-made support program", based on its network of partners (variable throughout time of the year and seasons) and on a production budget.

At the beginning of each year, an open call for projects is launched through the media in the Hauts-de-France region. In general, the deadline for applications is around end of January. The results of the selection are available by the end of first quarter 2021.

Season #5 2021-2022

  • send your projects before January 31st 2021, only by email to

  • meetings with pre-selected artists: March 4th and 5th 2021 in Amiens

  • happynest artists selection: end-March 2021

Consolidation and professionalization of an artistic practice

  • networking

  • international development

  • visibility of the work (programming)

How to apply?

  • Send your project note, possibly with video links of your own previous or current work that could tell us more about your approach, (maximum two A4 pages) to:

  • Specify the nature of the support you are looking for: artistic expertise, outside perspective, places for rehearsing, contact with specialists, administrative advice, production advice, etc.

  • Attach a short biography of the project's artists

  • Indicate the address of the association carrying the project (reminder: the association must be based in the Hauts-de-France)

  • WARNING: send all requested informations as a PDF, not in the email's body.

Who can apply?
Artist or group of artists based in Hauts-de-France (association or delegated producer based in the Hauts-de-France)

Production :
A financial contribution will be allocated to each selected project. This coproduction budget will allow the artist to cover part of the salaries, transports and technical costs.



Experimental laboratory for an artists' habitat
happyLab21 | 30.03 - 03.04.2021 co-organized with Le Gymnase CDCN, the Oiseau Mouche theater and ZONE -poème- in Roubaix, as part of the festival Le Grand Bain 2021


Five days to take side roads, lines of desire that lead us to transform our practices, our relationships, our communities.

Living together in the same workspace from the perspective of our artistic practices.

To share our visions, our urgencies in order to put them into action.

Producing meanings, exchanges, memories, relationships, commitments, gestures, connections.

To renew the relationship of our community to the guardians and to its own works.

A benevolent discomfort that leads us to introspection, to an unique concentration
that will allow us to be attentive to what is building up in us.



Conceived and animated by Sylvain Huc, Amélie Marneffe, Simon Capelle, Ludivine Large-Bessette and Superamas,

this laboratory is open to about fifteen artists wishing to join the research.



It's time. This is what the present seems to be telling us, in the arts, in ecology, in the social struggles that innervate the 21st century. The crises we have been through reinforce this sense of urgency, this need for solidarity, this duty of hospitality. With happyLab, we offer five days. To get together, to exchange, to invent. Five days to take the crossroads, the lines of desire that lead to transform our practices, our relationships, our communities.
To share, that is to say, to open the path that allows us to translate for the other, with the other, and not just share products, recipes, strings.

Simon Capelle - Lille France

A space fitted out allowing to carry out real experiments, to make fruitful mistakes, to go to places not marked out. An astonishing incubation space, i.e. a system favourable to the hatching of as yet unexploited, undiscovered art forms. I hope that we can collectively refocus on the question: "what am I creating? "and not only "where?" and "how? ». I would like the group to be able to establish a benevolent discomfort that allows us to leave our comfort zone in confidence, leads us to introspection, a unique concentration that allows us to be attentive to what is within us. I would like to defend the quality, the time, the diversity of tastes, the leap into the unknown, the listening to oneself and to others.

Ludivine Large-Bessette - Roubaix France

This laboratory (a space set aside for research, tests, experiments) is an opportunity to plunge into another time, removed from the incessant injunction to produce works. A time of idleness, therefore, to explore and question what underlies the relationships between artists, works and conditions of production. Between art and the world. To do this, to practice, together. To exchange intimately our gestures, questions and thoughts through shared actions. Living together in the same workspace in the perspective of our artistic practices. To share our visions, our emergencies in order to put them into action. How then, from these multiple practices can emerge reflections to make our respective approaches meet? Can we meet each other with our protrusions, our roughnesses, our available and moving spaces? Can we maintain between us a part of indeterminacy? This is the very condition of an encounter with people, ideas, works, struggles. I dream of this laboratory as learned, wild, precious, brutal, delicate, elusive but rigorous. May it transform a part of our ways of feeling, perceiving, thinking and acting.

Sylvain Huc - Toulouse France

happyLab is an organization, thought and activated by artists. The cell acts inside and outside the institution in such a way that it blossoms and digests during its existence in order to gradually reach the climax of its experience (intellectual, spiritual, political or artistic). happyLab cultivates otherness, settles in time, its value is non-identifying and non-binary. A way of life "as artists", collective and ideal for art research. Serendipity.
To produce meaning, exchange, memories, relationships, commitments, gestures, notions, links. This experimental reception unit brings together its participants around knowledge, know-how and experiences related to art. It allows the pooling of perceptions, sensations, emotions and intelligences.

Amélie Marneffe - Bruxelles Belgique

Where? When? What?

  • Place : Théâtre de l'Oiseau Mouche in Roubaix

  • Dates: March 30 to April 3, 2021

  • Four laboratory/research days (30.03 to 2.04) and one pooling day (03.04)

Objectives :
Through an artistic and creative process, to consolidate inter-artist relationships by building a fund of experiences. To define and determine the needs of our community. To renew our community's relationship to our guardianships and our works. To set up a laboratory for artistic research, and to gather participants around concerns and emergencies related to creation, production, tools and the creative ecosystem as a whole. We will aim to :

  • to move away from a project logic to devote ourselves to fundamental research.

  • observe, study, use and transform a set of signs, actions, gestures, thoughts embedded in each other.

  • To encourage meetings, fruitful collaborations and the emergence of new resources; not recipes that otherwise become fixed as soon as they appear.

  • to offer new frameworks of experiences to see the emergence of moving, plastic and re-inventive approaches.

  • to use the multiplicity of participants for hybridization, contamination and mutation of thoughts and practices and not to transmit established knowledge.

  • to invite cultural actors (artists, tutors, theaters, structures, universities, etc.) to a day of exchanges.

How to apply?

  • Express your motivations for participating in this collective research, either in written form (max 1 x 4A), or in the form of an audio document (mp3 format, max 5min. duration), or in the form of a short video (mp4 format, max 5min. duration). In order to share with us your desire to join us, please answer 3 questions among those:

  1. Are you rather "one for all" or rather "all for one"? Why?  

  2. What are you worried about right now?  

  3. What makes you laugh?  

  4. Art is useless! (...), but what else?  

  5. What is the most favorable season for your practice?  

  6. What is the decisive element in the work of art, the work or the art?

  7. What will be the scenario of your funeral?

  8. What is your favorite dish and why?

  9. Who do you follow on IG?

  10. What do you like or dislike about the collective work?

  • Attach a short biography (max 1 x 4A).

  • Indicate your postal address, email, phone, website (if applicable)

  • Your application commits you to be available during the dates and hours of the laboratory: from 30.03 to 03.04.21 from 10 am to 7 pm.

  • WARNING: send all requested information as an attachment (PDF, MP3 or MP4) to (not in the body of the email).

Who can apply?
Professional or non-professional artists, from all disciplines, based in the Hauts-de-France or in Belgium and willing to actively participate in a collective research process.

Schedule :

  • Receipt of applications before February 01, 2021 only by email to

  • selection of participating artists: beginning of March 2021.


Production :
Depending on the expected funding, we would like to cover the costs of accommodation, transportation and meals for the participants. As our budget is not yet consolidated, we cannot commit ourselves at the time we launch this call for projects.