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After several years of active artistic presence in the Hauts-de-France region, Superamas has identified a need for greater support for emerging artists in this area. The region has many young talents, but they struggle to make themselves known at the national level and even more so, at the international level. While the initial and secondary training offered in the field of performing arts is relatively well developed (regional and departmental conservatories, The Ecole du Nord, training for dancers at the Echangeur in Château-Thierry or the Gymnase in Roubaix), there is no structure which would support young professionals. Le Fresnoy, a national contemporary arts school based in Tourcoing is a notable exception, although it mainly targets visual and video artists.

In the field of performing arts, the young artist, once trained, is left on his/her own. There are thus several areas where, an artist at the beginning of his/her career would need support in order to become independent and thrive, areas such as artistic and technical advice and mentoring, administrative support, assistance in setting up productions, access to national and international networks.

Today, for a creator active in the field of performing arts, relying solely on artistic qualities is not enough. Artists must - whether they like it or not - be part of a dynamic system, similar to one present in an entrepreneurial world. Such systemic approach to the creation of art is almost absent from the existing initial and higher training cycles.

happynest: a professionalizing platform to support emerging artists in Hauts-de-France
With happynest, Superamas, in collaboration with artists Valerie Oberleithner and Teresa Acevedo, intends to set up a flexible structure to support projects led by young performance artists based in the Hauts-de-France region. Its objective is to consolidate and professionalize artistic practices as well as facilitate access to local and international networks.

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