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Each season, Superamas organize capsules-Laboratory open to emerging artists, the program is composed according to the needs of artists in their creative process.
This is the opportunity to meet on a moment of emulation and collective creation around topics intimately related to the process of the current creations and accompanied by experienced artists who share their expertise (artists of the collective Superamas and guests) .

Superamas invites, in addition to emerging artists of the season happynest, young European artists supported by partners of the platform: TU-Nantes, Lille University, kunstencentrum BUDA Kortrijk.. The group of young artists is, therefore, cosmopolitan and with a mixed profile: theater, choreography, performance art, etc.

The program of the next season is being defined...


Masterclasses #6 22_23 happynest in collaboration with the Master dance of the University of Lille with the support of L'Oiseau-Mouche

PROGRAMME 2022-2023

happynest#6 - CAPSULE#3 Program - 2022-2023
Location: Théâtre de L’Oiseau-Mouche, Roubaix
Participants : happynest Artists / Students Master Arts "Pratiques critiques en danse" (Pr Philippe Guisgand) Lille University
Dates : December 5 to 13, 2022
Duration : 8 days | 5 workshops


WORKSHOP 1 - 05.12 + 06.12 : Dramaturgy : the Art of time - moderator : Vincent Tirmarche (happynest)
We will begin the workshop with watching and analyzing some dramaturgical objects such as : performance and films excerpts, advertisements, musical videos… We will approach dramaturgy as the Art of playing with time.
We will then put ourselves at work in some performative explorations playing with time and timings.


WORKSHOP 2 - 07.12 :  Practices of choreo-vocality, body and voice - moderator : Teresa Acevedo (happynest)
We will awaken the inevitable relationship between the body (physical, sensory, poetic) and the voice (spoken, sung, whispered), two channels of expression that lead us to produce encounters. Body and voice are treated here as one and the same entity that acts by resonance, by translation, by channeling. We will explore different practices (breathing, warming up the voice and the body, rhythm, polyphony...) which help us to widen our listening to others and to ourselves, to free the movement in the space, and which invite us to create short instantaneous compositions, short choreo-vocal scores.

WORKSHOP 3 - 08.12 + 09.12 : Choreographing collectively: sensing and creating community through dance and embodiment - moderator : Valerie Oberleithner (happynest)
In this workshop we try to draw our attention to the senses of the body and our multisensorial interconnected existences. Through dance and somatic practice we experience our bodies collectively and we connect to existing physical and social spaces.
Through a performed de-hierarchization of the senses (from the eyes, ears towards the touch, the smell etc.) we create a mode of collective choreographing, rather than focusing on the conventional model and proposed gestures of an individuum, the so called choreographer. We work on dance as a social and sensorial experience in a concrete physical space.  
We will allow all sorts of interpretation. We will allow the conscious and the unconscious to appear and disappear. We are going to share tools, thoughts and experiences. We perform, dance, sing, write and invent scores and choreographies. 
Dance is being introduced as a tool to uncover judgment, to draw attention to the sensorial world and to create a space in which singular beings have the possibility to encounter each other and the other with kinaesthetic empathy and care. Dance is introduced as a tool which enables collaboration and worldmaking based on equality and somatic interconnectedness. Dance as a sort of unlearning process – unlearning of rigid social patterns – evokes an understanding of choreography beyond pre-existing categories of perception, mechanisms of representation and preformulated interpretations.
We are reclaiming theatre as a space of exploring and experimenting, we discover choreography as a collective practice located in a vibrant exchange between watching, writing performing, interpreting. Working on the body senses and dance as an experience interests us in a political ethical and aesthetical way: therefore, we understand our collective work as somatic activism; this is especially important after the Covid-19 crises.

WORKSHOP 4 - 10.12 : Students for Artists - moderators : Students Master Arts "Pratiques critiques en danse" (Pr Philippe Guisgand, Lille University)
The students of the University of Lille in "Critical Practice" propose collectively a day of workshop to share their tools. This will be an opportunity for them to test them with artists and for artists to become familiar with university practices.

WORKSHOP 5 - 12.12 + 12.12 : PANiC ! - Production, Administration, Networking, intelligent Communication - moderators : Teresa Acevedo & Tiffany Mouquet (happynest)
We will try to provide the best possible answers to the various questions that arise in setting up a project: putting together a production, writing a memorandum of intent, writing grant application files, drawing up a provisional budget, organizing communication, steps to be taken to distribute the show, identifying the distribution network, preparing for residency periods, etc.
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