Each season, Superamas organize masterclasses open to emerging artists, the program is composed according to the needs of artists in their creative process.
This is the opportunity to meet on a moment of emulation and collective creation around topics intimately related to the process of the current creations and accompanied by experienced artists who share their expertise (artists of the collective Superamas and guests) .

Superamas invites, in addition to emerging artists of the season happynest, young European artists supported by the partners of the platform: TU-Nantes (1 person), Monty Antwerp (6 people), Hiroshima Barcelona (1 person). The group of young artists is, therefore, cosmopolitan and with a mixed profile: theater, choreography, performance art, etc.



 happynest #3 - Masterclass Program - 2020 - Amiens

 Place: Theater Jacques Tati Amiens France
Participants: Artists happynest #3 / Artists Monty Antwerp, BE / Artist TU-Nantes / Artist Hiroshima Barcelona
Dates : 2020, February from 10th to 21st
Duration: 12 days | 5 workshops

WORKSHOP 1 - 10/02/2020 (1d): Don’t PANiC ! - Production, Administration, Networking, intelligent Communication - Speakers: Olivier Tirmarche, Tiffany Mouquet & Teresa Acevedo
We will try to answer as well as possible the various questions that the artists ask themselves: to build-up a production, to write a note of intention, to write files of request of subsidy, to realize a provisional budget, to organize its communication, steps to be undertaken to diffuse his show, identify his network, prepare his residency periods, etc.

WORKSHOP 2 - 11 & 12/02/2020 (2d): FeedBack / BackFeed practice - Speakers: Olivier Tirmarche, Teresa Acevedo and Valerie Oberleithner
Giving feedback is a central activity in the accompaniment of artistic projects and it is also a very delicate exchange, for the artist who receives a comment as much as for the person who gives a comment. It is both a difficulty and a necessity. We propose a 2-days workshop on putting feedback into practice. From real scenic objects, we will collectively experiment the frameworks and ways of giving and receiving feedback. We will explore feedback strategies that will be tested throughout the happynest season.

WORKSHOP 3 - 13 & 14/02/2020 (2d) : Meditations on body and text in contemporary performance practice - Speakers: Valerie Oberleithner et Paula Caspão
A workshop by choreographer-performer Valerie Oberleithner (A), with guest writing-artist-researcher Paula Caspão (P).
Resorting to methodologies borrowed from multifarious cultural practices, the workshop addresses the specific kinaesthesias of the discursive and vocabular dimensions necessarily implicated in one’s artistic performance practices. Combining body practices with writing tools, it intends to expand the range of possibilities in creative processes, allowing us to re-think the complicated entanglements of collaborative, discursive, and artistic practice.

WORKSHOP 4 - 15 & 16/02/2020 (2d): Dramaturgy: Art of Time - Speaker: Vincent Tirmarche
After a brief theoretical introduction about dramaturgy, we will observe and analyse four dramaturgical « objects » regarding their temporal nature: film, advertisement, performance, visual art piece.
Then taking into account the experience of the participants we will try to unveil how important is time in the curse of the creation process: When the idea came? How is it reshaped? What are the different steps among its elaboration? How the creation process interacts with the dramaturgy of the piece? Or rather is already included in it?

WORKSHOP 5 - 17 - 21/02/2020 (5d): CreACTION! (light and sound) - Speaker: Henri-Emmanuel Doublier and Olivier Tirmarche
The objective of this workshop is to introduce an artist to light and sound creation. To show him some tools so that he can imagine the field of possibilities. To develop his creativity in this area.
After a brief history and technical informations on sound and light for theater, we will tackle more creative aspects by exploring the tools of light and sound: the different traditional and unconventional sources of light, as well as its means of restitution; spatialized sound diffusion, binaural, etc.
We will reflect on the dramaturgy of light and sound in a stage play. Last but not least, we will discuss the project being created by each artist and create collectively, in order to put into perspective the overall aesthetics of one’s performance.

In 2020, for the first time, these Masterclasses will also be open, on registration, to young emerging artists from the Hauts-de-France region interested in the program. Only a few places are available. The workshops open to invited artists are WORKSHOP 3, 4 and 5.