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SUPERAMAS is an artists' collective founded in 2000. After two performances, created mainly with the support of the Ménagerie de Verre in Paris (BUILDING in 2000, BODY BUILDERS in 2001), SUPERAMAS settles in Vienna and starts, from 2002, the BIG series, with the support of several European partners: La Grande Halle de la Villette (France), Szene Salzburg (Austria), Tanzquartier Wien (Austria), Impulstanz Festival (Austria), Beursschouwburg Bruxelles (Belgium), Buda Kunstencentrum Courtrai (Belgium), Vooruit Gand (Belgium), Hebbel Theater Berlin (Germany), Mousonturm Frankfurt (Germany), BIT Teatergarsjen (Norway). Now firmly rooted in the international artistic landscape, SUPERAMAS is structured into three distinct associations (France, Austria, Belgium) and asserts itself as a resolutely European collective.

Recognized both as a dance company and as a theatre company, SUPERAMAS also develops a significant visual work. Films and installations bear his trademark, sometimes disturbing, often insolent, always surprising.
SUPERAMAS invests in the visual arts with its specificity and know-how inherited from the living arts. The result is works as different as SAUVE QUI PEUT (ROMANIA), a remake of a scene of Godard's "Sauve qui peut", created in Romania with two prostitutes, HIGH ART, a choreographic sculpture for ten flags to Mozart's music, DIGGIN'UP a lighting installation that plays on spectators' perception or RIOT, an interactive video installation that confronts spectators with a dilemma.

SUPERAMAS diverts kitsch and toc from popular culture to make it the levers of subversion, and deepens the superficiality of prejudice to extract political questions. The BIG trilogy (2002, 2004, 2006) thus explores bad cinema, bad theatre, bad reality show, while EMPIRE (Arts & Politics), created in 2008, brings together Napoleonic wars, embassy cocktails and the great report, for the same question on globalization.

YOUDREAM, created in 2010, is a protean project that takes the form of a show, short films and an internet platform. Under the guise of comedy, European prejudices are the starting point for a reflection on the power of images and those who make them.

THEATRE, which premiered in 2012, as part of the "Maribor European Capital of Culture" programmes, compares the invention of perspective in painting in the 15th century with the synthetic images of the 21st century, in order to make the link between representation and politics in the intersecting history of East and West.

SUPERAMAX, created in Tanzquartier Wien in 2014, posits the transformation of the artistic collective into a creative start-up, in order to better question - in the light of this abyss - the springs and failings of the "new economy".

VIVE L'ARMEE! created in 2016 at La Maison de la Culture Amiens, offers a cross-fertilization of the notions of "just war", "legitimate monopoly of violence", "propaganda" and "nationalism".

With CHEKHOV Fast & Furious, created in 2018, SUPERAMAS questions the "theatrical project". The core objective of the piece revolves around re-qualifying the theatre, its writing, its production and consumption. To achieve this, SUPERAMAS  brings into the theatre space people who are not typical performers: those who are not versed in theatrical tools, those who "know nothing about it", those who are not specialists. Together, they share a collective experience. The aim will be to put the theatre to the test of this encounter. The premier of CHEKHOV Fast & Furious was in 2018 at the WIENER FESTWOCHEN on June 15th , 16th  and 17th in Austria. Then, in 2018  the show was presented on November 14th and 15th at the Reykjavik Dance Festival, later on at the Manège Scène Nationale de Maubeuge on November 28th as part of the NEXT Festival, and at La Maison de la Culture d’Amiens from December 5th to 7th.


SUPERAMAS initiates a new creation in 2019, provisionally entitled The man who shot Muammar Gaddafi. For the first time on a theater stage, a former member of the DGSE, the French intelligence service, agrees to unveil the hidden reality of his profession. Far from the stereotypes conveyed by fiction, he reveals the methods and techniques used by the secret services by illustrating them with concrete cases. SUPERAMAS met this man -who wishes to remain anonymous- for the first time in 2013. If he resolves to testify today, it is because he is the object of pressure, if not of threats, in the context of the investigation into the Libyan financing of Nicolas Sarkozy's presidential campaign...  MORE

SUPERAMAS' shows have an average of about 50 performances in Europe and North America. The plays BIG 3 and EMPIRE (Art & Politics) were notably programmed at the Festival d'Avignon In, in 2007 and 2008 respectively. The show YOUDREAM has been selected by the ONDA and the Institut Français as part of the Focus Théâtre 2011 program. After having been an associate artist from 2012 to 2015 at the Kunstencentrum Vooruit in Ghent (Belgium),

SUPERAMAS is currently in residence in Amiens (France). There, as well as in the greater region of Hauts-de-France, for the past several years the collective has been conducting a program of training and cultural mediation. This program received support from Amiens Métropole, the Conseil Régional des Hauts-de-France, the DRAC Hauts-de-France and the Département de la Somme. SUPERAMAS is also one of the companies actively supported by the European network of theatre houses APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project), funded by the European Commission (Culture programme).










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